As a public health specialist, my work continues to improve the lives of the rural population. We utilize radio, community distributors and edutainment to health educate the masses and engage in advocacy for better health systems.

However, our efforts are still a drop in the ocean and the rural health system is faced with a number of challenges including; inadequate supply of drugs, fewer staffs, brain drainage, drug stockouts and long distances to the health centers.

In addition, most specialists aren’t available in the rural areas since they aren’t well facilitated thus the population in need of their services resorts to crude methods.

I believe that good health is wealth and prevention is better than cure. This implies that as a nation, we should invest a lot in the health of our people and borrow best practices to improve our system.

The health workers should not discriminate their patients or clients while offering health services to all the people.

Communities should be empowered to realize a community-owned and based healthcare insurance.

This will ensure that people don’t suffer while trying to make ends meet when desperately needing health services.


Written by, Ssesanga Ernest - Public Health Technologist in Uganda

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