Our COVID-19 Response

At The frontlines of COVID-19 is a storytelling activity under our The Health Equity Voice project and part of our COVID-19 response.
This pivot was guided by the observed effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on much better-resourced systems and the projected grave impact on weaker health systems in Low and Middle-Income countries, including Uganda.

In these times, it is going to be hard to understand what can work in very resource-constrained settings without severe loss of life. That is why our major storytelling focus will shift to call for stories reflecting the best practices and challenges the rural health workers are facing in responding to this Pandemic and how they are adapting.

Frontline Stories


COVID-19 pandemic engagements and resources

Submit a Story from the Frontlines

We are searching for stories from health workers at the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are specifically interested in those that;

  • Serving on the COVID-19 taskforce
  • A health worker who has treated or tested a COVID-19 patient; Doctor, Nurse, Midwife, medical laboratory technologist, etc
  • Health inspectors
  • Surveillance team
If you fit these criteria please submit your written stories, videos or Podcasts using the form below