The “Pregnant For Health Equity” Social Media Campaign

The “Pregnant for Health Equity” campaign gives a voice to the silent rural healthcare workers, to tell their stories, challenges, recommendations thus painting the picture of the day-day life of a rural health worker to the public and policymakers with the ultimate goal of advancing health equity.

This helps in building empathetic public leadership to make responsive healthcare policies, programs, and budgets.

It increases public understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare workers, building trust, and restoring pride among our health workforce, a source of motivation to performance improvement.

The stories are now being profiled to be highlighted on; The Health Equity Voice

Inspire my stethoscope Project

The “Inspire my Stethoscope Project” creates a mindset-change among health workers through servant, adaptive and transformative leadership skills training and empowers them with cutting-edge entrepreneurial skills thereby becoming more transparent and governing public resources such as maternal commodities more effectively.

This culminates in increased access to quality healthcare.